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At the heart of our system


What is at the heart of EXPAN? A series of innovative systems based on proven technology but taken to a whole new level.


The EXPAN range was borne out of a unique blend of academia, the engineering profession and commercial partners, all looking for a new way to address age-old construction challenges.

With its origins in the University of Canterbury’s School of Engineering, EXPAN has been developed by the Structural Timber Innovation Company, a research consortium funded by government and the industry players in New Zealand and Australia who. today, are EXPAN proponents.


EXPAN Quick-Connect Portals provide an easy and cost effective way to fabricate and erect long-span engineered timber portal frames for single storey and industrial buildings.

Using the Quick-Connect technology results in simple and standardised knee, column-to-foundation, rafter splice and apex connection designs and minimises on-site erection times and costs.

EXPAN Frames and Walls provide an easy and cost effective way to connect long-span, large-scale engineered timber elements to form open plan multi-storey buildings.

Using the post-tensioned timber technology results in simple and standardised connection design and minimises on-site erection times and costs.

Horizontally post-tensioned frames in one direction can be combined with vertically post-tensioned walls in the other direction to provide structurally efficient lateral restraint to buildings in both directions. Alternatively, vertically post-tensioned walls can be incorporated in both directions, providing the required bi-directional lateral restraint.


EXPAN Quiet Floors provide a modular and cost effective flooring system for open plan multi-storey buildings. The floor systems have been developed to provide a robust structural solution, minimise inter-floor air-borne noise transmission and a dynamic vibration characteristic that is comfortable to occupants. Current Expan Quite Floors are Timber-Concrete-Composite (TCC) designs and future options will include all timber options.


Use EXPAN for…

                    • Easy and competitive connection systems

                    • Flexibility

                    • The creative and aesthetic benefits of timber

                    • Speedy and cost effective construction

                    • Earthquake and extreme wind loading resistance

                    • Environmental friendliness

                    • Fire resistance

                    • Health and safety benefits







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