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Bringing all the strength and endurance of steel to the sustainability and flexibility of wood, the Expan prefabricated construction system brings timber into the commercial and industrial design age.


Expan’s totally prefabricated technology cleverly embeds post-tensioned tendons into timber to lock the system together. The range includes revolutionary timber frame, wall and floor systems and quick-connect portal frames.


The result is a cost effective, time efficient, system that opens new doors in design and construction of commercial and industrial buildings.

With Expan, you can use engineered timber framing to create wide open spaces and building layouts with flexibility like nothing before – without the need for closely spaced columns or walls.



Expan Quick-Connect Portals


Expan Quick-Connect Portals provide an easy and cost effective way to fabricate and erect long-span engineered timber portal frames for single storey and industrial buildings.


Using the Quick-Connect technology results in simple and standardised knee, column-to-foundation, rafter splice and apex connection designs and minimises on-site erection times and costs.


Portal frames are a popular and versatile architectural form, providing both wide open interior spaces and a lateral load resisting structure.


They are ideally suited to a variety of buildings including industrial buildings, warehouse, sports facilities, assembly halls and churches.


Traditionally portal frame buildings have been built from steel, however timber

provides a viable and competitive alternative material.


Compared with structural steel, timber construction presents numerous benefits, not only in production and construction but also in terms of demolition and recycling.


Timber is a renewable resource, a carbon sink, and uses only a fraction of the energy of steel to produce, making it far more environmentally friendly choice of material. Structurally, timber posesses a high strength to weight ratio and demonstrates high levels of resistance to both corrosion and fire, essential characteristics for many commercial and industrial buildings.


The appearance of timber is a major benefit too. People respond positively to the scale and warmth of timber structures.


In addition, timber portal framed buildings are renowned for their ease of assembly, which results in minimised construction time and costs. Another huge advantage.


Plus timber is a feasible economical alternative, with case studies proving its competitiveness.


The advantages of an EXPAN Quick Connect Portal Framing solution are undeniable. Strength, ease and economy. What more could you ask for?



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