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EXPAN offers you a comprehensive and exciting structural timber solution.

Using prefabricated technoloogy with post-tensioned tendons brings strength into an equation that also includes factors such as sustainability, speed and efficiency of construction and cost effectiveness.


EXPAN offers timber framing, wall and floor systems that can take you into the future.




 Ask  yourself what sort of building you want to build. Changes are your wishlist is our checklist.

That's why EXPAN is rapidly gaining a reputation, as more buildings are being constructed with this forward-thinking technology.


Are you looking backwards or thinking about tomorrow?


Click for more information on:


         Expan Quick-Connect Portals


         Expan Quiet Floors


         Expan Frames and Walls with Pres-Lam technology


Click for details of the full range of LVL materials available from:


        Carter Holt Harvey


         Nelson Pine Industries










 Use Expan for…

                    • Easy and competitive connection systems

                    • Flexibility

                    • The creative and aesthetic benefits of timber

                    • Speedy and cost effective construction

                    • Earthquake and extreme wind loading resistance

                    • Environmental friendliness

                    • Fire resistance

                    • Health and safety benefits


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