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Finally – a flexible, durable, design-friendly and eco-conscious solution for long span and multi storey buildings.


Bringing all the strength and endurance of steel to the lightweight elegance and flexibility of timber, the Expan prefabricated construction system brings timber into the commercial and industrial design age.


Expan’s totally prefabricated technology cleverly embeds post-tensioned tendons into timber to lock the system together. The range includes revolutionary timber frame, wall and floor systems and quick-connect portal frames.


The result is a cost effective, time efficient, system that opens new doors in design and construction of commercial and industrial buildings.


With Expan, you can use engineered timber framing to create wide open spaces and building layouts with flexibility like nothing before – without the need for closely spaced columns or walls.


EXPAN is the result of years of research and a unique collaboration between commercial and academic partners to create innovative structural timber solutions.


Find out more about our collaborations and partnerships, or about the systems that have been developed as part of our construction solutions.


Structural Timber Innovation Company (STIC) - the organisation behind EXPAN - is a research consortium developing and commercialising new technologies that will enable structural timber to compete more effectively in the building and construction market.


Although timber has long been used as a material of choice in the residential markets in both Australia and New Zealand, it is not typically used in the non-residential industrial and commercial building sectors.


Our vision is "The construction of large numbers of innovative and sustainable commercial and industrial multi-storey and long-span timber buildings in Australia and New Zealand”


For more information about STIC, please visit the website.


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The research and development forming the foundation of EXPAN was proudly made possible by the shareholders and financial partners of the Structural Timber Innovation Company Ltd.




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