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Alan Bones says EXPAN is "a product whose time has come".


New technology opens new markets for NZ


Alan Bones, Sales and Marketing Manager for Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, says EXPAN is a product whose time has come.


Mr Bones says the positive impact that EXPAN brings to the environment shouldn’t be underestimated.


“A timber-framed house has the capacity to absorb the carbon emissions produced by the equivalent of two steel-framed houses. Consequently, using systems like timber framing enables us to achieve good commercial outcomes as well as minimising the environmental impact.”


The easing of the traditional tension between business and the environment is just one of the balancing acts that EXPAN successfully navigates.


“This is Carter Holt Harvey’s first commercial/academic partnership. It has been extremely successful, especially in bridging the gap between research for research’s sake and turning it into practical outcomes that are able to be commercialised. Both academia and the commercial world have listened to one another carefully and responded.”


Mr Bones says EXPAN represents exciting opportunities for Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts.


“Timber framing has been tried, tested and proven in New Zealand for over 150 years and in more than 1.5 million Kiwi homes. Timber framing is what we have grown up with, and it has delivered high-quality living environments over a very long time. This is our opportunity to take it to the rest of the world.”


“We’re already seeing New Zealand-manufactured LVL being used in different countries. This technology allows us to participate in markets we were unable to take part in before.”


The initial focus for EXPAN will be New Zealand and Australia. Mr Bones says ultimately there is potential “anywhere in the world there are buildings”, with specific opportunities in countries with areas of seismic concern.

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